WISE Math chapters and Canadian Affilliates

On this page we have begun to collect links to similar, like-minded organizations in Canada, particularly those directly associated with WISE Math and within the region affected by WNCP (“local chapters” in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Territories and affected Maritime provinces).

Let us know if you hope to join this fight and wish to start up a local group of either type or if you would like to be put in contact with other parents in your area to work together on immediate solutions (out-of-school programs, cooperative tutoring, etc).

Local Chapters

While, strictly speaking, WISE Math is not merely a Manitoba initiative (one of our co-founders is in Saskatchewan) much of our activity has been focussed here.  At its core WISE Math is an initiative of the Mathematical community and all the principal figures in Manitoba are professional mathematicians.  But we have joiners of many backgrounds, and we also represent parents, other professional disciplines who are stakeholders in this issue, and teachers who are concerned about the unhelpful trends in math education and find a voice through our work.

Thus WISE Math itself should also be considered to be the “WISE Math Manitoba chapter“, a flagship of sorts for other regional initiatives; as things evolve we hope to continue to provide a central organizational hub for a broadening work from coast to coast and to help network among other affilliated groups and like-minded organizations.

(Note: this section under construction due to new initiatives across Canada and partnerships with other organizations)

 WISE Math BC — a local chapter in B.C.  Residents started by mother Tara Houle, education advocate and long-term participant in parent councils.  Those wishing to become involved should contact them through the above web site.  And don’t forget to sign their petition.

Alberta — our Alberta affiliate started out with a petition started by Physician and fed-up parent Nhung Tran-Davies which received nearly 20,000 signatures!  Albertans:  don’t neglect to sign.  Here is their Facebook page.  New (2015) website under the name Albertans For Education.

Canadian regional affiliates outside WNCP jurisdiction

MathRight (Ont) This group in Ontario, a regional affiliate of WISE Math, monitors and comments on issues in that province.  Interested Ontario residents can contact them directly by email and  sign their petition here.

Other like-minded organizations in Canada

Educational Quest Society of Canada — an advocacy group within the BC Chinese community who have been pursuing the same goals for several years.  Read some of the excellent articles they have posted on their website (some in English).

Educhatter’s blog — is a place for discussion of many of these issues, organized by Paul Bennett, an education consultant based in Nova Scotia.  A group of like-minded folks in the Maritimes is loosely associated with Paul and his blog.  For now this might be considered the center of gravity of our advocacy work on the East coast.   Visit and check out the newsy commentary and lively discussions!

Society for Quality Education (SQE) — is a larger resource site with which Paul Bennet’s Educhatter’s blog (above) is associated.  Frustrated parents, teachers, advocates and administrators can check out their extensive resources and backgrounder documents, get help and advice, and participate in discussions of current issues.