Helping your child with math

Parental help factors in on math success by Anna Stokke

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Comment: Failed fads resurface in ‘new’ B.C. curriculum

From Tara Houle in Times Colonist: Comment: Failed fads resurface in ‘new’ B.C. curriculum

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Summer reading suggestions from WISE Math

Here are some summer reading suggestions on education.

1. What to do about Canada’s declining math scores by Anna Stokke.

2. Seven Myths About Education by Daisy Christodoulou.

3. Teaching math in the 21st Century by Barry Garelick.

4. Standing in the education gap: A common sense approach to helping your child succeed in school by Marc Lapointe.

5. Progressively worse: The burden of bad ideas in British schools by Robert Peal.

Have a great summer from WISE Math!

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Philip Sullivan: “Discovery learning” is failing our children

“Discovery learning” is failing our children, by Philip Sullivan, Professor Emeritus, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto.

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Comment: Lack of basic skills holding children back

From BC parent advocate, Tara Houle:

Comment: Lack of basic skills holding children back, Times Colonist


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Media updates

Anna Stokke on Cross Country Checkup: Is there something wrong with the way math is being taught?

Tara Houle on CKNW: Report finds discovery-based math to blame for Canadians declining math scores

Edmonton Sun: Math Education forum held in Edmonton

National Post: Decline of Decline of Canadian students’ math skills the fault of ‘discovery learning’: C.D. Howe Institute

The C.D. Howe report authored by Anna Stokke: What to do about Canada’s declining math scores?

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What to do about Canada’s declining math scores?

New report from C.D. Howe Institute, written by Anna Stokke: What to do about Canada’s declining math scores?

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Alberta Math Education Forum on May 29

Alberta Math and Education Forum: Restoring Excellence and Evidence-Based Teaching in the K-12 Curriculum

When:  May 29th, 6:00pm

Where:  Lister Centre (11613 87 Ave), Edmonton, Alberta

Free of charge. Open mic for parents.


1. To bring education officials, educators and parents together to discuss concerns regarding the direction of education in Alberta under the Inspiring Education “21st century learning”/inquiry-based initiative.

2. To review evidence-based teaching practices that have helped generations of students achieve excellence in school and in life.

3. To develop a clear course of action to stop unwanted, unproven and detrimental initiatives in Alberta education by September 2015.

Guest speakers:

Dr. Robert Craigen – University of Manitoba mathematician, leading the advocacy to re-establish standards of practice in mathematics teaching across Canada.

Dr. Vladimir Troitsky – University of Alberta mathematician, leading the advocacy to re-establish excellence in math education in Alberta.

Mr. Stuart Wachowicz – Educator, former director of Alberta Curriculum design.

Update: the talks from this forum are now available on YouTube:

Nhung Tran Davies

Stuart Wachowicz

Vladimir Troitsky

Robert Craigen

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WISE Math cofounder receives award for community activism

Congratulations to WISE Math cofounder, Anna Stokke, for receiving a 2015 YWCA Women of Distinction award for Community Activism and Social Enterprise. Anna was one of twelve women to receive a Women of Distinction award on Wednesday night.
In her acceptance speech, Anna highlighted the decline in math scores (particularly in Manitoba) and vowed to continue advocating for better math education for kids in Manitoba and across Canada.

More details can be found here or in this Winnipeg Free Press article.

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How to help your kids memorize times tables & the fallout of discovery math

Anna Stokke with tips for parents to help kids memorize times tables.

Marc Lapointe from Stuff for Parents with an excellent video: Discovery Math: The Mottled Fallout of a Shiny Idea.

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