Alberta Education adds standard algorithms to math curriculum

Alberta Education is to be commended for adding standard algorithms to the Alberta math curriculum. Congratulations to Dr. Nhung Tran Davies and her team and to the mathematicians in Alberta who advocated for this!

Link to Nhung Tran-Davies’ petition

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Manitoba government: K-8 teachers now required to complete two math courses in university for certification

The Manitoba government announced yesterday that K-8 teachers will be required to complete two math content courses in university to obtain teacher certification.

Manitoba Education News Release, September 8, 2015.

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Helping your child with math

Parental help factors in on math success by Anna Stokke

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Comment: Failed fads resurface in ‘new’ B.C. curriculum

From Tara Houle in Times Colonist: Comment: Failed fads resurface in ‘new’ B.C. curriculum

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Summer reading suggestions from WISE Math

Here are some summer reading suggestions on education.

1. What to do about Canada’s declining math scores┬áby Anna Stokke.

2. Seven Myths About Education by Daisy Christodoulou.

3. Teaching math in the 21st Century by Barry Garelick.

4. Standing in the education gap: A common sense approach to helping your child succeed in school by Marc Lapointe.

5. Progressively worse: The burden of bad ideas in British schools by Robert Peal.

Have a great summer from WISE Math!

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Philip Sullivan: “Discovery learning” is failing our children

“Discovery learning” is failing our children, by Philip Sullivan, Professor Emeritus, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto.

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Comment: Lack of basic skills holding children back

From BC parent advocate, Tara Houle:

Comment: Lack of basic skills holding children back, Times Colonist


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