Anna Stokke, University of Winnipeg

Anna Stokke, BSc. (Math, Brandon University), MSc. (Math, University of Manitoba), PhD (Math, University of Alberta)

After completing my studies at the University of Alberta in 2003, I was delighted to receive a position at the University of Winnipeg in my home province of Manitoba. I am a mathematics researcher, a passionate teacher and a tireless numeracy advocate.

I received a 2015-2016 YWCA/YMCA Women of Distinction Award in the Community Activism and Social Enterprise category for her work in math education. I was also awarded the University of Winnipeg’s Clarence Atchison Award for Excellence in Community Service in October, 2015.

I became involved in math education for two reasons. As a math professor, I see the struggles that some of my students face and I see inadequate preparation from the K-12 system in many students. I am also a mother to two wonderful children. I have been surprised to see some of the changes in math curricula. Many parents have expressed frustration to me about this and many parents (those who can afford it) send their children to tutoring to make up for inadequacies in the system.

When my daughter was in Grade 2, my husband Ross Stokke and I decided to start a Math Club for my daughter and some of her friends. This small math club eventually became the much larger non-profit organization Archimedes Math Schools!

Since co-founding WISE Math, I have given over 80 media interviews in my role as a numeracy advocate.

I was interviewed for CBC’s DNTO in March, 2015: Three top math tips for parents. I also gave an interview for parents, which can be found here (Feb. 2015): When math doesn’t make sense: Stuff for parents. I appeared on CBC’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange:
Disappointing math results , was featured in Maclean’s Magazine and on CBC’s Cross Country Checkup.

I have written many articles on math education for the Globe and Mail, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Edmonton Journal. Examples of my Globe and Mail articles can be found here: Put down that pizza slice math teachersLet 3 sticks represent 30 and other neanderthal math methods, Too much math education is based on pet theories. Samples of articles I have written for the Winnipeg Free Press can be found here: Practice and drills are the keys to math successWhy our kids fall behind in math and Raise the lowered bar for math.

Since I started speaking out about these very important issues, I’ve received many letters of public support, for which I am very grateful.