Teachers and Parents in Ontario (& elsewhere): Join us at ResearchED Toronto

By now I hope everyone is aware that the first ResearchED conference in Canada is about to take place in Toronto (Nov 10th & 11th). I won’t say much here about the ResearchED movement, which was started in the UK by teachers who got tired of the nonsense educationists kept pushing about what “research shows” and decided to push back. You can read about it here

While the target audience is teachers, the conference is open to the general public; you are all welcome, and the organizers tell me that there remains room for more to register.

While the conference is about more than just Math Education there will be a session (a series of talks) devoted to this subject, which may interest this audience. But actively engaged parents and teachers seeking refreshingly different PD will certainly be interested in most of what goes on at ResearchED.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 5.02.01 PM.png

The Toronto event has for some reason raised a lot of fuss among the educationist crowd in Ontario, some of whom will be in attendance and some of whom will also be speaking. This hopefully presages an event in which there is meaningful, civil, dialogue about issues that matter to parents and teachers in Math Education.

Note also all three of the Provincial Math Ed Petition Writers who have become associated with our initiative will be in attendance:
Medical doctor Dr Nhung-Tran Davies (Alberta)
Parent Tara Houle (British Columbia)
and retired teacher Teresa Murray (Ontario)

Also speaking at this meeting:
John Mighton, developer of JUMP Math
Michael Zwaagstra, Winnipeg author, teacher and advocate for common sense reform

The meeting is being organized by a committee headed by
Paul Bennett, independent educational consulting at SchoolHouse Consulting, whom some of you already know through his blogging at EduChatter, his activity on Twitter or his public education advocacy across Eastern Canada

If this is something which interests you, register to attend now and join us in 2 weeks!

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