Alberta Math Education Forum on May 29

Alberta Math and Education Forum: Restoring Excellence and Evidence-Based Teaching in the K-12 Curriculum

When:  May 29th, 6:00pm

Where:  Lister Centre (11613 87 Ave), Edmonton, Alberta

Free of charge. Open mic for parents.


1. To bring education officials, educators and parents together to discuss concerns regarding the direction of education in Alberta under the Inspiring Education “21st century learning”/inquiry-based initiative.

2. To review evidence-based teaching practices that have helped generations of students achieve excellence in school and in life.

3. To develop a clear course of action to stop unwanted, unproven and detrimental initiatives in Alberta education by September 2015.

Guest speakers:

Dr. Robert Craigen – University of Manitoba mathematician, leading the advocacy to re-establish standards of practice in mathematics teaching across Canada.

Dr. Vladimir Troitsky – University of Alberta mathematician, leading the advocacy to re-establish excellence in math education in Alberta.

Mr. Stuart Wachowicz – Educator, former director of Alberta Curriculum design.

Update: the talks from this forum are now available on YouTube:

Nhung Tran Davies

Stuart Wachowicz

Vladimir Troitsky

Robert Craigen

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