PCAP 2013 (released October 2014) articles

Here are some recent articles related to the recent PCAP results.

PCAP 2013 Report, CMEC

Tests show provincial differences in math, reading, science education,Kate Hammer and Caroline Alphonso, Globe and Mail

Manitoba students rank lowest in Canada in math, science, reading, Nick Martin, Winnipeg Free Press

What’s going on in our schools?, Editorial, Winnipeg Free Press Education system is in crisis, Anna Stokke, Winnipeg Free Press

No surprise in Manitoba students’ poor math showings, Anna Stokke, CBC Editorial

Manitoba’s Classroom Challenges, blame-deflecting response to Anna’s pieces by  a local school district deputy superintendent Simon Laplante

Move Learning Forward, Rob Craigen’s response to Laplante (also see online comments below Laplante’s original letter)

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