News Release from Saskatchewan Government: Feedback Requested from Parents and Guardians

News Release – February 27, 2012

The Saskatchewan government issued a news release this morning requesting feedback from parents and guardians regarding K-12 math education in the province. We strongly encourage parents and residents in Saskatchewan to voice their concerns and opinions by following the instructions provided at this link.  Residents from Saskatchewan, who have joined the WISE Math initiative, should also watch for an important email from Fernando Szechtman this week regarding a joint letter to the Saskatchewan government.

The full text of the news release is copied below:


In an effort to address concerns with math curriculum in provincial schools, the Ministry of Education recently facilitated consultation meetings across Saskatchewan. Led by MLAs Russ Marchuk and Gene Makowsky, these dialogue sessions with frontline educators concluded on February 16. Now, the Minister is interested in hearing from parents.
“Having wrapped up the consultations with educators across Saskatchewan, we’re confident that we have a good idea of their thoughts and opinions around the effective instruction of the math curriculum,” Education Minister Donna Harpauer said. “Now, we want to hear from parents or guardians of students who are learning this math. What are the experiences and opinions of the parents and guardians whose children are bringing this math home? Hearing from all different selections of the population who are engaging with math curriculum will help us to understand the areas that are working, as well as identify opportunities for change.”
Parents and guardians interested in sharing their opinions on Saskatchewan’s math curriculum are asked to visit the Ministry of Education website at and click on the feature titled “Math Feedback”. The link for math feedback will be operational beginning February 27 and available throughout the month of March.
For more information, contact:
Leya Moore
Phone: 306-787-1069
Cell: 306-533-7506

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