Resources for parents and teachers

Math enrichment and math classes for kids:

  • Archimedes Math Schools, Grades 4 – 6 in Winnipeg (non-profit; founded by Anna Stokke, Ross Stokke, Robert Craigen).
  • Go! Math, email for information in Winnipeg

Please contact us with information about math enrichment programs in your area.

The contributors endorse the following math instruction programs.

JUMP Math: Anna Stokke and Robert Craigen endorse JUMP Math. JUMP Math is a charity that was founded by Canadian mathematician John Mighton. The instructional materials published by JUMP use a guided discovery approach with a strong focus on both understanding of math concepts and procedural techniques. A trademark of the program is that concepts are introduced to children in incremental steps so that they can experience success at every level and they are then less likely to become confused or discouraged.  JUMP Math also has an excellent teacher training program which involves detailed and organized Teachers’ Guides and outreach training. Anna has first-hand experience using the program with kids and can attest to the fact that they love it! For information about the demonstrated success of the program, read the following two New York Times articles: Part I , Part II.

Singapore Math: Anna Stokke and Robert Craigen endorse Singapore Math. This thorough program presents concepts clearly and simply. The program incorporates multi-step word problems throughout and promotes in-depth understanding of math concepts.

Parents can supplement their child’s education using either of these programs. We recommend ordering the JUMP workbooks for your child’s grade level from JUMP Math. JUMP Math also publishes a series that was designed specifically for parents to help their children titled JUMP at Home .

Some of the Singapore Math workbooks can be ordered through Chapters or Amazon. (For instance, Singapore mental math workbooks and Singapore word problems workbooks can be ordered in this way.) The more thorough textbooks and accompanying workbooks can be ordered from Heritage Resources.

Additional resources:  You can find math books for kids, which include a variety of problems and math contest problems, as well as various enrichment materials at The Centre for Education in Mathematics Computing, which is run out of the University of Waterloo.  Past math contests for grades 7-12 are available FOR FREE at this website and
are an excellent source of enrichment.

Free math instructional videos: You can find instructional videos on anything from arithmetic to calculus at Khan Academy.

Free worksheets: Society for Quality Education provides free math practice worksheets at:
Society for Quality Education (click on remedial programs).

You can also find free math worksheets at